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"The Life Inside" episode Rewatch

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Saturday August 2, 2014 All Day

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I remember how uncomfortable Deputy U.S. Marshal Tim Gutterson was when transporting a pregnant prisoner.  Mostly because I hadn't seen that side of Tim before up until this point, as we've gotten to see a man confident in his work.  It will be nice revisiting these moments, not at Tim's expense but simply because we are getting to know him more...and that's always compelling.


While on prisoner transport with Raylan and Tim, a pregnant Jamie Berglund escapes with the help of conspirators who intend on delivering her baby to sell on the black market.  The Marshals uncover a plot by the conspirators to have Jamie killed once she delivers, and must stop them from doing so.


It is night and Dickie and Coover drag the lifeless body of Walt in a blue tarp to the mineshaft, in addition to the materials they will use to throw the body over.  While Dickie is going to get the lime, Coover takes Walt's watch off his wrist.  They wonder how deep the shaft is before they cover Walt's body with lime, then toss him over.

The next morning, Boyd comes out of the coal mine to find Raylan waiting for him.  Raylan recounts when they were in the mine together the last time.  Boyd acknowledges there's not a lot of legal work opportunities for someone like him and points out to Raylan that he said Boyd likes to blow things up.  Raylan offers to buy Boyd a drink and Boyd accepts, before they go to Cumberland.  At the bar, Raylan makes sure that Boyd doesn't go after Gio or his niece Pilar, and points out the opportunity he has there.  Boyd simply wants to do his job and be left alone.  Raylan gets a call from Art about Arlo and says he has to leave when Boyd throws it at him that Raylan does draw trouble.

Raylan drives up to the Givens' house to find a camper in front.  Helen comes out to meet him and Raylan tells her that he got notice Arlo is violating his tether range.  She calls Arlo out from the camper and he comes out claiming his tether is giving him an infection on his leg; Raylan tells Arlo to give back the $20,000 and that tether will be taken off.  Arlo claims not to know what happened to the money after he gave it to Bo; Raylan orders Arlo to get in the house but Helen threatens with shooting his good arm if he does (remember Raylan shot Arlo's other arm in "Bulletville").  Raylan finds out that Arlo told Helen about almost giving him up to Bo in "Bulletville".  Arlo has enough and starts to head to his camper but Raylan threatens with taking him in for violating his range and Arlo accepts it.  Raylan begins to drag Arlo away when Helen stops them.  Helen orders Arlo back into the house, Raylan pointing out that Helen kicking Arlo out of the house when he's under house arrest and tells her to find out where Arlo stashed the money.  Helen jokes about heading to Mexico if she finds out where the money is stashed.  Helen warns Raylan to leave Mags alone so as not to stir up a past that we can only assume at this point involves them all.  Raylan wonders if Mags will take over where Mosley and Crowder left off with her pot business, and doesn't think Arlo will get in on any of that.  As Helen yells at Arlo to get back in the house, he yells back hoping she gets cancer, while Raylan stands there with a look of bewilderment on his face.

Moments later at the Bennett General Store, Doyle drives up with Loretta in his police cruiser.  Mags comes out to greet them, sends Doyle off.  She asks Loretta how Doyle's was last night and Loretta answers that he has a lovely home.  They talk about Doyle's family.  Loretta tells Mags she's had breakfast and Mags offers her her cider in a glass.  Mags apologizes for not protecting Loretta against Dean in "The Moonshine War" and considers him lucky the Marshals got to him before she did.  They talk about Loretta's experience being kidnapped by Dean.  Mags acknowledges that Dean will be taken care of in prison as things don't seem favorable to child molesters.  Mags lies to Loretta about sending Walt down South on business for a few weeks as a way to get him away from living the experience of getting injured by Dickie and Doyle in "The Moonshine War", and points out that it pays better than tending the marijuana in the shed.  She further lies that he had to be taken away under cover of night because federal agents are investigating and that's why they couldn't wait for Loretta to get home to do it at that time.  Mags offers Loretta more cider and she tells her that she never had a girl, only the boys.  Mags looks forward to their time together with Loretta.

In Raylan's motel room, he is just waking up to find Winona standing in front of his closet with one of his shirts on, looking inside and wondering that by the number of clothes he has one would think Raylan was a simple man.  Raylan says he'll go get coffee and offers Winona some, but she takes it as him running away, and Raylan shoots back that she's trying to start a fight.  She asks him if he's staying in Kentucky to which he implies that by being offered his old job back, which he denied, is.  Winona wonders why he's still living in a motel room, knowing how much he makes he could rent an apartment.  Raylan, annoyed, responds he knows the name of a really good realtor (her husband Gary) that he could buy a house from.  Winona, knowing Raylan brought it up to annoy her, calls him an asshole and Raylan quickly apologizes.  Raylan points out that if she wants to talk they'll do so and if she wants to fight they'll do so.  Winona admits that at times she looks at him and never wants to see him again, otehrs that she wants to run away with him to Costa Rica.

Later in the courthouse elevator, Winona admits to Raylan that she hates smelling him on her all day, Raylan quips she should have taken another shower.  As Winona gooses him, Raylan points out that she was the one who wanted to go for the victory lap (use your imagination because I'm not explaining that one).  As the elevator dings the doors open, they find Gary there who greets them.  Gary wonders if them working together in the same building makes them run into each other in the elevator a lot and they both acknowledge the opposite, Raylan pointing out that his schedule isn't very regular.  As Raylan heads towards the Marshals office, Gary stops him to invite him for a drink and tell stories about Winona, seeing as she has kicked them both to the curb, like her OCD and loud snoring.  Raylan ends that conversation quickly and enters the Marshals office.  Gary tells Winona he plans to show the house that night to which they will meet again at that time.  When Winona tells him he could have called her for that, Gary says he misplaced his cell, before complimenting her on how nice she smells.

In the conference room, Art says that since Raylan needs an assignment, he's giving him the Jamie Berglund transport and isn't letting him do it alone so he assigns Tim to go with him.  At the prison, Raylan signs for the transport from guard Glenn Cosgrove who asks them if it's just the two of them (with Tim) doing the transport; Tim responds that he had an instructor at Glynco who said only two Marshals were required to transport what he terms "King Kong".  Tim introduces Jamie to Raylan and she looks him up and down, wondering if they're going to the doctor or a rodeo.  As they step through the double prison doors, Jamie admits to not having a contraction but a golf-ball-sized hemorrhoid, and otherwise being fine.  She asks the Deputies how they are and Tim says they'll be fine as long as she doesn't give birth in the car.  Jamie points out how nervous the two men look and wonders if they'll ask how she got pregnant.  Tim replies that he doesn't remember a lot from health class, except what pregnancy and an untreated venereal disease looks like.  Jamie admits having conjugal with her husband A.J. when she was in Marysville; but as he's unable to take care of himself, probably wont take custody of her baby.  Tim thinks it's still better than foster care, but Jamie thinks different as she knows where foster care got her (probably joking there herself).

Later, the two Marshals and pregnant inmate come into the Women's Health clinic and Jamie greets Alisha the receptionist.  Raylan assumes Alisha knows the drill even though they don't get too many FMC inmates for ultrasounds.  The receptionist directs Tim with Jamie to exam room 1 where it's ready for her when Raylan asks Alisha about the man in the waiting room.  Alisha informs Raylan that the man's wife has a dating scan scheduled for 11:30 but is running late.  Raylan asks the man about his being a boy and seeming a bit jumpy for being the first, when he points out who they came in with.  The man recounts not being scared when at 15 he faced down a coal train coming at him at 60 miles per hour, and all he could do was lay down in-between the tracks as the cars passed an inch above him.  As Jamie calls out for the deputies, the man takes out a firearm on them both.  Another, Van, comes into the clinic brandishing a weapon at the as the first, Jess Timmons, orders Alisha to stand by the Marshals.  Timmons orders the deputies to take out their guns, set them down, and cuff themselves, which they do.  Tim cuffs Raylan as Jamie apologizes for how it's going down, but she feels that her baby shouldn't have to ride her rap.

A while later, Raylan and Tim are in the conference room as Art comes in.  They found who they believe to be the babby daddy A.J. Logan, who wasn't at the clinic.  Art sets Timmons' file down and both deputies identify him as one of the men.  Art reveals they got him off his print on Raylan's cuff, which Tim admits was Raylan's play.  Art proceeds to say that Timmons has done time, the last time was two years at Northpoint for manslaughter, and paroled in 2007.  They wonder about the leak of the appointment coming from within the prison and even with Art saying that he warden runs a tight enough ship there that there isn't much risk of that happening, Raylan knows that if a leak got out, an ambush could be set up.  Raylan knows Jamie played them and that they didn't suspect a thing since they could have been distracted by her pregnancy per Art.

That night, Timmons is watching TV when Jamie expects a third person to come to their hideout by now.  Timmons knows the third party is waiting out the Marshals (who are out on the hunt) so as not to lead them to where Jamie is.  They haven't made the news yet.  Van gives Jaime a clonadine pill that will help her body tolerate the anesthesia and help her relax, and she takes it.  Van's an EMT for 7 years via a training program, not like med school.  The two men set up the mat over a table.  Jamie asks Van if he gets a lot of pregnancy calls, to which he answers they are the 3rd most popular behind drunks and psych patients.  Jamie wonders if Van's had cases where mother and baby deliver before getting to hospital and survive; Van assures her that once she propophol takes effect in an hour the baby will be out and, per Timmons, the dead will take the baby to a new life.  Jamie wont allow the dad to take the baby right away but until she's ready for it to be taken away.  Timmons says there's no hurry and she can take all the time she likes with the baby.  Jamie excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

At the conference room, Raylan and Tim are interrogating A.J. about where Timmons and Jamie could be.  A.J. had no idea that Jamie was pregnant and he couldn't have conjugals with her anyway because Jamie had told him that since she was going into a federal prison they wouldn't be able to, so there was no point in staying together.  Raylan confirms with A.J. that they didn't have sex one last time and although A.J. wanted to, Jamie just said it would make it sadder.  Moments later in Art's office, Tim, Raylan, and Art go over who could have gotten Jamie pregnant, ruling out a regular visitor...and wondering about a guard who knew Timmons was on the inside already so that he could make the grab once he was out.  Raylan will get on who the guards were on-duty from when Timmons was doing time to crossreference with the time around Jamie's conception.

Jamie comes out of the bathroom, not worried anymore about whether the third man will get there, because the medicine she got has relaxed her down somewhat, acknowledging it works.  She says that she never did drugs on the inside because of her pregnancy.  She wonders about going to California and Timmons says it's better to stay near the ocean than further inland in the desert with those who cross teh border; Jamie doesn't care where she goes as long as she knows the baby will have a good life.  Van announces he's ready for Jamie to be started on her IV for the birth and she hesitates, going to the bathroom again.  Meanwhile, Timmons acknowledges to Van that they are going to kill her.  Jamie puts her pants on and climbs out the window down a chain.  Once Jamie's on the ground, Timmons grabs her and brings her back inside.  The men tie her down to the exam table and Timmons contemplates just cutting out the baby without having started the propophol, but Van advises against it as it will put Jamie in shock and the baby might die along with her.  Timmons isn't convinced, pointing out that on TV such a thing as cutting out the baby has been successful, but Van once again tells him that the don't show the cases where babies have perished.  Timmons gets hesitantly convinced and has Van do the propophol.

Meanwhile, Tim and Raylan visit Glenn Cosgrove at his ranch and they tell him what happened.  In front of his wife Gayle, the Marshals tell Glenn they know he was the one who was with Timmons when they were planning on Jamie getting pregnant at Northpoint.  Raylan explains Jamie got pregnant by Glenn who hired a convict he knew from Northpoint to help Jaime escape.  Raylan suspects that Glenn wont run off with Jamie but instead have her killed so the pregnancy doesn't come back to him.  Tim tells Glenn they have calls between him and Timmons from last week when Glenn says that what they are claiming are lies.  Tim tries to convince Glenn to help them find Jamie since otherwise it would be 'contract murder' and he'd be convicted until it's time to give him the potassium chloride injection he'd recieve by death penalty.  In the care on the way, Glenn tells of how he had $10,000 but that Timmons thought it wasn't enough for the risks he was taking and needed $50,000 at least as people would pay that much for a healthy white baby.  Raylan, angry, stops him and tells him that he understands he had sex with an inmate, arranged to have her killed, then sell her child; before threatening Glenn with shutting up or Tim'll punch him.

The propophol is taking effect on Jamie as Van continues to prep her, distracting Timmons in the process.  He makes sure not to give her too much so as she can escape.  Van wouldn't have accepted if he had known Jamie was going to be killed, but Timmons tells him that he would have gotten that baby out himself anyway and if Van wasn't there he would have probably killed it.  Timmons convinces Van that this way the money isn't wasted and he's there to get the baby out safely which he will get paid for.  Timmons compares it to the Plains Indians and the buffalo, using every single part of the animal as a sign of respect for the life they were taking.  While Van distracts Timmons further, he cuts off Jamie's restraints and she gets the rest off as both Timmons and Van get into a brawl.  Raylan and Tim pull up and hear gunshots as Timmons shoots Van in the back of the chest.  The Marshals break into the house, find Timmons hiding behind the fallen, makeshift exam table with Jamie.  Timmons threatens that he has a gun pointed at Jamie's belly when Raylan tells him to put his weapon down.  Raylan explains that if Timmons is hit in the area where his spine meets the brainstem called the apricot, he will not be able to pull the trigger (snipers termed it).  Timmons wonders if Raylan is that good but he motions to Tim, and before Timmons can get out another word, Tim gets him right in the forehead.  Timmons falls back, dead.  Raylan pulls Jamie up slowly and leads her away from the dead Timmons.

That same night, Boyd opens the door to Ava's house and slowly heads up the stairs.  As Boyd looks over his bloody nose in the bathroom mirror, Ava comes in and asks him how that happened and Boyd doesn't have any idea (assuming he received it when he drank himself too much).  Ava gets out a few items from a cabinet to treat the nose, hands them to Boyd to clean himself up and threatens Boyd that if it happens again, she will send him back to whatever gutter he pulled himself out of.

A little later that night, Gayle visits Raylan at his desk in the Marshals office and tries to tell him that her husband isn't evil or that she may not know, even after 11 years of marriage knowing him, but that they tries to start a family and it turns out she isn't able to produce a child.  She wonders what Jamie will do with the baby but being as she might not have a lot of say in it, she thinks about taking it in as her own; Raylan promises to find out for her.

After work that night, Raylan comes to his motel room door to find Gary rounding the corner.  Raylan tells him it's not a safe way to approach an armed man.  Gary felt he needed to tell him face to face that he is going to get Winona back.  He knows he can't outfight, outgun, or outscrew Raylan, but Gary knows selling from having been able to sell houses of lesser quality to people that would cost them twice as much while being convinced it was all their idea.  Raylan knows Gary thought a lot about this moment and asks him in so many words if he's done; Gary expresses he is.  Gary points out that Winona left Raylan for him once, before he himself leaves Raylan with that.

Raylan unlocks his door to find Winona laying in bed, resting her eyes.  She wakes and asks who he was talking to outside and he answers it was no one.  Winona asks Raylan how his day was.  Raylan steers the subject in another direction and says that he's no longer a fan of the name Jess, and not being a fan of Winona's list.  He touches her stomach, seemingly knowing.  Winona places a hand of Raylan's that touches her.  She asks about his day again, as she wants to know.  He tells her about witnessing Timmons die just after threatening to kill Jamie, pointing out it wasn't good.  Winona responds that she can handle hearing those things, but not silence.  She asks Raylan again about who he was talking to outside, and he answers it was Gary; Winona laughs, but then quickly grows serious...

(for a more detailed outline, visit:  http://justified.wikia.com/wiki/The_Life_Inside)


Boyd Crowder.  From white supremacist Neo-nazi, to born-again revivalist, to disilusioned coal-miner.  He's taken quite the ride throughout season one, and now into the beginning of season two, Boyd looks like a man without a purpose like he has been dulled to the world.  He spends whatever time he has outside of work drinking or getting into barfights, apparently.  I wonder who gave him that beating we saw towards the end of the episode when he entered Ava's house...was it ever stated?  Only a matter of time before his outlaw days/ways are no longer behind him...

Winona Hawkins.  Can't mention this episode without mentioning her.  The title is definitely an allusion to the baby she has yet to know she's carrying, but who Raylan somehow knows already exists when he touches her stomach at the end of the episode.  By this point in the Justified story, Winona and Raylan's affair is well under way.

Gary Hawkins.  He wants Winona back and wants to make sure Raylan knows it.  So that's why he was so friendly with Raylan at the beginning of the episode, inviting him for a social outing so that they can talk about Winona without her suspecting.  Will he succeed in winning her back?  Stay tuned to relive the answer...

Jamie Berglund.  A federal inmate who gets pregnant by a guard in a deal to give up the baby.  Not sure if it was explicitly answered:  but why would she agree to even get pregnant in the first place?  Was she going to get part of the money from the sale of her baby or was she promised something else?  And not sure if the change of heart she had was due (at first) to her not wanting to give up the baby or because she somehow instinctually knew she was going to be killed.  Jamie seems to want a good life for her child, and hopefully her wish does get granted.

Gayle Cosgrove.  The wife of prison guard Glenn who got Jamie pregnant.  Could she be the answer to Jamie's prayers for her child?  If she does get to adopt the baby, hopefully the fact that her husband created it with another woman and in a sense cheated on her, doesn't get in the way of providing it with love and a good home.  I'd like to think Gayle would be the type to look past all that, and hope she does.


Jess Timmons.  Baby seller on the black market.  This guy has no problem with separating families, apparently.  Then again, having a history of manslaughter, that shouldn't be surprising.  He has no limits when it comes to killing and does it all for the money.  Definitely no gray with this guy that I could see.

Van.  EMT conspiring with Timmons to perform the surgery on Jamie to extract the baby.  Now this guy did have his limitations.  He was in it only to get his share of the money.  But as soon as he saw he would be taking a life (something which I would imagine would go against his code of ethics as an EMT and a medical professional), he wanted to back down.  Too bad he had to pay with his life.

Glenn Cosgrove.  Prison guard who got Jamie pregnant so that he and Gayle can have their baby.  Really, what on Earth made him think this was better than fostering a child the legal way?  Methinks Glenn didn't think his choices through and now, as a result, his career will more than likely be in jeopardy due to conspiracy to commit contract murder.


Raylan visiting Boyd at the mine so that he can talk to him about Gio and Pilar later:

So our hero is afraid of the hole mines of his youth.  It's understandable.  Coal mining looks like a dangerous job.  We've seen the fearless Raylan up to this point in the series, and so delving into one of his fears not only gives us a compelling look into his character but also into his past at the same time.  Although, like Tim, I didn't wish to relive this moment at Raylan's expense, it's good to know he not only has fears like the rest of us but can express them as well.  Granted, this is not the case with all of his fears, but it's still good to know he can express at least one if not more.

Arlo wishing Helen gets cancer again, when she practically shoves him back into the house upon Raylan saying that Arlo is violating is tether range because he was out of the house:

Remember I said back in "The Hammer" how much I love old people spunk, upon mentioning Mrs. Inez and Raylan.  Well...yep, that's still the case.  And you might be scratching your head at this one.  Helen, we can understand...but Arlo?!  Why would I like what Arlo says to Helen here?   It sounds so horrible!  And I'll answer that it is not what Arlo says to Helen...yes, it does sound horrible.  But it's the fact that old people in general and in real life have been known to be this terrible with each other (like I've said before, I've witnessed it), that Helen and Arlo mirroring such a reality is just too funny not to acknowledge and therefore has to be a favorite moment of mine.  The cherry on top is Raylan's facial expressions of bewilderment here...because I've made them myself.

The scene where Winona and Raylan are in the Lexington courthouse elevator on their way to their jobs, after having spent the night together in Raylan's motel room:

When the elevator doors open, they find Gary there, who, after failing at an attempt to meet with Raylan, compliments Winona:

Apparently Raylan's scent is pleasing to Gary but not so to Winona.  Haha.  There's a twist if we ever saw one.

The scene where Timmons and Van help Jamie escape the Marshals by having them restrained at the Women's Health Clinic:

Like in "Riverbrook" with Raylan and Dewey in the car, here we have another shout-out to Elmore Leonard's novel Riding the Rap, a favorite line of the Justified series creators it seems.  And a parallel here emerges because "Riverbrook" is the second episode of the first season, while "The Life Inside" is the second episode of the second season...coincidence?  Will we see more Riding the Rap references in second episodes of future seasons?

Timmons holding Jamie hostage at their hideout while Tim and Raylan are in a standoff with him:

And just before Timmons gets Gutterson'ed.  Raylan in ever-present teacher-mode, once again gives the bad guy and the audience another lesson in...well...anything having to do with firearms and shooting.  These scenes definitely never get old.

Last, but not least:  Raylan at his desk in the Marshals office working on his report after the whole incident with Jamie, right before Gayle comes up to talk to him about the possibility of adopting Jamie's baby as her own:

One can clearly see his name plaque on the desk.  Anything like this involving items in Raylan's personal work space are always a visual favorite of mine.


Last episode, it was Rachel and Raylan and I'm glad this episode followed by being Raylan-Tim-centric.  We saw the two Marshals start to work together in "Riverbrook" and since then they've been paired up here and there, but not to an extent like we see here in "The Life Inside".  Any Tim fans out there will surely label this one as their favorite if not one of their favorites in the series.

Boyd and Winona make character observations about Raylan.  Things we as the audience have seen numerous examples of up to this point in Raylan's story.  Raylan, the magnet for trouble:

And Raylan:  simple on the outside, complicated on the inside...

All Raylan might see up there is Winona trying to start a fight, but what I see is Winona reinforcing an old saying:  never judge a book by its cover.  Someone's outside will not always be like their inside.

Art telling Raylan he isn't going by himself on a transport detail makes me think he might be alluding to when Raylan had to transport Dewey by himself back in "Riverbrook", and what happened as a result of only having one Marshal on Dewey instead of the more than one required...remember Raylan's talk with Kentucky State Prison Detention Deputy Knight, and Raylan learning his lesson in that episode from season one?

I don't want to throw anything against Tim, but I felt this needed to be addressed.  Did he call pregnant Jamie "King Kong"?  Isn't that a little insensitive?  No matter the woman or what her circumstances/personality/etc. may be, if she's pregnant she's going through too much, both physically and mentally, to be called such a thing.  I haven't been pregnant but even I know that to appreciate it.  Or am I reading too much into this with Tim?

The scene at the end of the episode where Winona is in Raylan's motel room and he finally shares something about his day with her:

This makes me wonder about their marriage and what that must have been like.  Winona not being able to handle Raylan's job and Raylan maybe taking that as Winona not wanting to hear anything about it, including how his days would go.  Maybe Raylan got used to not talking about his work days from the days when their marriage was in trouble.  But Winona wanting to hear about his day now probably makes Raylan think that this has all changed.  The question is:  what makes Winona change like this?  Is she trying to get closer to Raylan...if so, why?  My guess, and yes I am going to bring in the fact that since this is a rewatch and I know what Winona is going to express in future episodes, is that it has something to do with Winona believing that she can change Raylan, and her believing that if she shows something about herself (relating to Raylan's job) that she can change then Raylan would probably follow suit.

Vocabulary lesson time:

Bit (i.e. doing his/her bit):  doing time or carrying out a prison sentence.

This term has been mentioned before and, unfortunately, I forget which episodes...I know it will get mentioned again though.  It's just one of those Leonardisms that, like "ride the rap", has stuck around.